All you need is a Digital Push

There is no meaning to getting trained to grab a job position, we will train you to go beyond that.

Thus, Web Development needs a lot of practice and learning, and we are here to provide you the exact training and learning you are looking to become a web developer. Let’s together learn WEB DEVELOPMENT and make the world more creative.
web development

What you will get?

Over 30 Modules

Comprehensive training course module which covers over all aspects of web development

Expert Trainers

You will get trained by the most experienced trainers who are successful Web Developers.

Overall Package

This course includes a wide range of different coding languages used for web site development.

Staggering Demand

There is an ever-increasing demand for web developers: Businesses are always on the lookout for web developers and designers.


You can work as a freelancer, part-time, full time, for a company, for government, for yourself, from home, or even while on holiday anywhere over the world.


It extends beyond the monetary gains and even beyond us. You have the potential of helping and impacting not only locally but also globally in many ways than you can imagine.

Why Learning Web Development?

Course Module

  • HTML Introduction
  • HTML Elements, attributes
  • HTML Headings, Paragraphs
  • HTML Paragraphs
  • HTML Styles and CSS
  • HTML Links, Images, Tables, Lists.
  • Introduction of CSS
  •  Syntax in CSS
  •  Selectors in CSS
  •  How To use CSS
  •  Color, Backgrounds in CSS
  •  Backgrounds, Borders and Margins in CSS
  •  Height/Width in CSS
  •  Box Model in CSS
  •  Text, Fonts, Icons in CSS
  •  Links, Lists, and Tables in CSS
  •  Display and Max-width in CSS
  •  Overflow and Float in CSS
  •  Align items in CSS
  •  Pseudo-class and Pseudo-element in CSS
  •  Opacity in CSS
  •  Image Gallery,Image Sprites in CSS
  •  Attr Selectors and forms in CSS
  •  Forms and Website Layout in CSS 
  • Breakpoints
  • Containing elements
  • Jumbotron & Glyphicons
  • Tables
  • Column / Rows
  • Navbar
  • Images
  • Thumbnails
  • Forms
  • Panels
  • PHP Intro
  •  Installing PHP
  • PHP Syntax, Comments, and Variable 
  • PHP Echo / Print
  • PHP Data Types and Strings
  • PHP Numbers, Math, and Constants
  • PHP Operators, Switch, and Loops
  • PHP Switch, Loop, Functions, and Arrays.
  • PHP RegEx
  • Syntax, Comments, and Variable in JS
  • Operators and Arithmetic in JS 
  •  Data Types in JS
  •  Functions, Objects, and Events in JS
  •  Strings, Strings Method in JS 
  • Numbers and Numbers method in JS
  •  Arrays Methods, Sort, and Iteration in JS
  •  Date Formats in JS 
  • Comparisons, Conditions, and switch in JS
  •  Loop, Loop while For JS
  •  Debugging in JS
  • Introduction to Database
  • Introduction to DBMS
  • Creating First database
  • DDL
  • Alter & Drop
  • Foreign Key & Truncate
  • DML
  • SQL Joins
  • Additional SQL features

Globally Demanded Certification

Learning with us about every course includes proper hours of learning, training, and certifications. These certifications have global acceptance. As so far, it can add extra weightage to your Resume.